High Court

The firm ‘Giontella e Associati’ assists and represents taxpayers in trials - concerning taxes and duties before the Supreme Court. The aim is reached constantly updating on the changes of the law around the purpose for appealing of motives for opposing it, drawn by precedent rulings by Supreme Court judges. As the highest level of judgement in Italy, the Supreme Court must involve the European Courts of Justice if asked to submit an internal tax law issue in relation to an EU directive.
A tal fine lo Studio Giontella e Associati sottopone alla Corte di Cassazione le relative istanze di sospensione del giudizio di legittimità chiedendo di trasmettere gli atti alla Corte di Giustizia dell’Unione Europea perché si pronunci sulle questioni interpretative di discipline tributarie uniformi in ambito dell’Unione.
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