Legal Opinions

The opinions rendered by the firm ‘Giontella e Associati’ concern the whole area of civil, sports, corporate and tax law and in particular are directed at Italian businesses and substantive structures within foreign companies, as well as groups of businesses. Within such a macro setting, our opinions concern contractual, corporate, financial and business income themes, in addition to VAT and indirect taxes. As for business income, the firm ‘Giontella and Associates’ has gained specific expertise in transfer pricing, including through the introduction of rulings, as well as in real estate taxation, banking and financial taxation, the energy sector and the alcohol industry.
On the subject of VAT, the firm ‘Giontella and Associates’ boasts considerable experience in the field of international operations, even those between countries and in identifying the most efficient solutions aimed at limiting undue restrictions in order to deduct taxes. Lastly, on the subject of tax duties, the firm ‘Giontella and Associates’ has gained specific expertise in identifying the uniform treatments originating from the EU directives, which are often overlooked by individual member states. Concerning corporate entities, the firm ‘Giontella and Associates’ provides advice aimed at achieving synergies between individual companies, not only from a civil and corporate perspective, but also with regards to the adoption of a tax system which, through tax consolidation and group VAT, aims to remove an economic and financial deficit between the various companies.
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